Our workforce

ExxonMobil is committed to attracting, developing and retaining the best people from the broadest possible employee pool to meet our business needs. ExxonMobil Egypt employs about 400 men and women, the vast majority of whom are Egyptian.


Our workforce

Our service stations carrying the Mobil or Esso brands employ even more.

We believe we have a responsibility to build a legacy of economic progress by maximizing the number of local employment opportunities and by investing in our workforce. Our strategy is to train our employees in technical and professional skills necessary for working on existing and future projects and operations. Over the long-term, this helps us develop a pool of talented employees to meet future business needs around the world, beyond supporting our local operations. We strive to develop the capabilities of our national workforce, and with over 30 Egyptian employees on expatriate assignments in ExxonMobil worldwide, ExxonMobil Egypt focuses on helping employees realize their full potential.

The exceptional quality of our workforce provides us an invaluable competitive edge. To build on this advantage, we strive to develop the capabilities of our national workforce and create career opportunities in a variety of fields.

We endeavor to provide our employees with the best career opportunities in our industry and encourage individual growth and achievement. We are committed to maintaining a safe work environment, enriched by diversity and characterized by open communication, trust and fair treatment. We believe in open communication, sharing best practices and teamwork.

Through a combination of work assignments and training, our employees develop the necessary leadership capabilities for performing effectively in a variety of workplaces. We are proud of our ExxonMobil Egyptian employees who work with us at home and in other ExxonMobil affiliates around the world.

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