Cairo, Egypt – In an attempt to shed light on the significance of volunteer work and its vital role in enriching different development initiatives, ExxonMobil Egypt has organized a celebration to honor the volunteers of the company, who contributed to the success of its community investments programs during 2015 and 2016. The objective of these programs is to develop the community and offer solutions in the fields of education and development.


  • Eng. Hesham El-Amroussy: “We believe in the significance of volunteer work and regard it as an integral key to the success of any community investment program”
  • ExxonMobil volunteers manage to develop the capacities of 4,500 youths, students, and women in 2015-2016

The celebration has featured the attendance of Eng. Hesham Elamroussy, Chairman and Managing Director of ExxonMobil Egypt and the General Manager of Lubricants, MENA region, and Ms. Nihad Shelbaya, Head of Public and Government Affairs at ExxonMobil Egypt. A large number of high officials of ExxonMobil Egypt also participated in honoring the volunteering employees.

In his speech, Eng. Hesham Elamroussy pointed out the company’s vision and philosophy that are based on promoting volunteer work, saying: “We believe in the significance of volunteer work and regard it as an integral key to the success of any community investment programs. Therefore, we always motivate ExxonMobil Egypt staff to participate in the company’s development initiatives”.

“We honor today over 80 ExxonMobil Egypt volunteers, who took thousands of hours out of their time to participate in different ExxonMobil community investment programs. They have contributed to the development of the capacities of 4,500 youths, students, and women in various areas,” added Eng. Elamroussy.

“We would like to thank each volunteer who spared no effort or time to contribute to the success of the company’s community investments programs. They also shared their practical experience with the beneficiaries of the programs ExxonMobil sponsored in the fields of education, women, and development,” Ms. Shelbaya added.

The celebration included honoring 20 volunteers of ExxonMobil staff for taking part at Enactus Egypt competition’s panel of judges. The program targets promoting free enterprises and spreading entrepreneurship philosophy among Egyptian youths. ExxonMobil Egypt has offered its sponsorship and support to more than 50 college teams and the winners of Enactus competition. Moreover, the company has adopted a number of university teams, such as Assuit University team in 2011, Kafr el Sheikh University team in 2015, and Fayoum University team in 2016, to empower ambitious university students to realize their dreams.

Moreover, ExxonMobil Egypt honored the volunteers of MECA initiative. This program targets the students of the Faculty of Engineering in Ain Shams University. MECA seeks bridging the gap between academic study and the business market. A total of 39 volunteers have participated during 2015 and 2016 in teaching six modules: HR, sales, customer service, marketing, planning, procurement and operating activities. In addition, the company has honored 16 volunteers for participating in the Case Study Government Committee, which is the students’ annual challenge.

It is noteworthy that ExxonMobil Egypt was one of the first companies to take part in upgrading the activities of MECA Academy, whose name stands for Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, and Architecture, which are the four majors in the faculty. The academy was founded in 2007 as a venture of eight students from Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University.

Furthermore, 57 volunteers were honored for participating in teaching in  INJAZ program, which seeks improving students’ level in a number of preparatory schools in Egypt, such as El Rowwad and Al Itehad schools at Imbaba District, Al Max School in Alexandria and other schools in the surrounding area, such as the 10th of Ramadan and Amr Ibn Al Aas Preparatory School. The volunteers have taught INJAZ’s curriculum at preparatory schools in 2015 and 2016. In addition, volunteering employees have given courses at girls’ vocational schools, such as Abbasiya Vocational School and Sayyidah Zaynab Vocational School for girls.

The honoring celebration also included the volunteers of one of INJAZ’s programs, which targets boosting college students’ entrepreneurship skills, leading to creating competition over offering enterprises’ proposals. In this regard, five volunteers were honored for participating in the judging panels for the years 2015 and 2016.

This is in addition to six volunteers who were honored for participating in the judging panels of INJAZ Egypt’s Sanaaty Program in 2015 and 2016. This program aims to improve vocational students’ skills and experience in order to join the business market, through a number of training programs and workshops, which help upgrade their technical capacities and unravel their entrepreneurship skills.

Eng. Ahmed Lasheen was honored for representing ExxonMobil Egypt at Voices of Hope Conference, held at Bibliotheca Alexandrina, under the auspices of MBC Hope and INJAZ Al Arab. Eng. Lasheen shared his experience and challenges that faced him in his career, and how he overcame them to reach his career objectives.

In the field of empowering women, ExxonMobil Egypt has honored the volunteering women who participated in the “Turning Passion into Profit” program. The objective of this program is to work on building women’s leadership capacities in order to promote their entrepreneurship skills. Ms. Sally Hussein, ExxonMobil Egypt HR Manager, and Ms. Rania Abousenna, ExxonMobil Egypt Staffing and Development Manager, have given workshops about how to lead and motivate different work teams to reach the best possible results.

The celebration was concluded with a group photo of ExxonMobil Egypt managers with the honored employees, who were keen to thank the organizers of this honoring celebration. In addition, the employees promised to continue investing more time and efforts in the future community investment programs of ExxonMobil Egypt.

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