ExxonMobil continues supporting Enactus students

CAIRO — In continuation to its ongoing support to education initiatives in Egypt, ExxonMobil Egypt has supported the general orientation training of Enactus Egypt to 670 students representing 40 public and private universities.
  • ExxonMobil sponsors the training of 670 students from 40 public and private universities
  • Enactus French University team wins the national competition 2014 with three innovative projects

In Enactus National Competition, as many as 32 university teams competed. The team of the French University in Egypt, champion of Enactus World Cup 2010, won the national competition and will represent Egypt in the World Cup for 2014, which will be hosted by Beijing, next October. Enactus team of Suez Canal University ranked second, while Menoufiya University team came third.

Enactus Egypt this year witnessed an extensive participation from students who represent the most prominent Egyptian public and private universities, including Cairo University, Ain Shams, Al-Azhar, Al-Mansoura, Tanta, Asyut, 6th of October, AlShorouk, Al-Sadat Academy, French University and German University, among many others.

Eng. Hesham El-Amroussy, chairman and managing director of ExxonMobil Egypt, has commended projects presented by Enactus students. “I have always been impressed by the Enactus mission and core values, to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. However, coming today, looking at you and hearing from my colleagues about your achievements, I was overwhelmed by the scope and extent of the projects you have developed. These projects speak not only to your commitment and hard work but more importantly they speak of the level of leadership within this group”.

Nihad Shelbaya, Public and Government Affairs Manager at ExxonMobil Egypt has praised the uniqueness of projects presented by Enactus students. Shelbaya said, “Students introduced innovative projects that aim to make a positive and direct impact to improve the standards of living of the neediest social classes in the society.” “Creative skills and innovate ideas were clearly manifested by these students, such ideas and skills can improve the society, moreover, this ability to innovate and excel is the main evaluation criteria to evaluate projects at the competition,” she added. “ExxonMobil Egypt is proud to be at the jury of the Enactus National Competition of Enactus, in addition to support provided for Enactus Egypt in sponsoring students training,” Ms. Shelbaya said. “We do not spare any effort or time to help these wonderful students who showed strong enthusiasm and keenness to develop their societies.”

It is worth pointing out that Enactus Egypt is an international NGO that aims at promoting education, developing professional skills of young people by putting them within a real scientific experiment that would develop their voluntary work and make them able to plan for their future well, therefore contribute in the development of the society.

Ms. Fatma Sirry, Founder and President of Enactus Egypt said, “I’d like to thank ExxonMobil Egypt for its support to Enactus since 2010 for the development of university students’ skills; through training to raise their communication and leadership skills, in addition to team working in accordance to needs of the labor market in order to link education with the market according to directives of Mr. President.” “In Enactus, we count on the funding of major Egyptian companies such as ExxonMobil Egypt,” Ms. Sirry added. “The French University team who won the competition presented three innovative projects that aim to raise the efficiency of our youth, for they are the leaders of our beloved Egypt’s future.”

The French University team that won the competition introduced three innovative projects; the first project included inventing a new type of washing machines that are designed especially for villages that lacks basic necessities of life such as electricity. Studies showed that women in this village face health problems and back pains because of the wrong posture they do while washing clothes in addition to spending around 21 hours at work every week.

Students also introduced new applications for beekeeping and honey production that were unknown to residents of An Nasriyah, a village in Fayoum Governorate. Therefore, honey production increased by 140% and new markets for selling honey were opened. Revenues of residents increased as a result due to high productivity. Finally, due to the importance of the bamboo industry in An Nasiriyah, the Enactus French University team introduced a program to reduce bamboo waste and turn it into wood. As a result, incomes of bamboo craftsmen, who represent 43% of residents of An Nasiriyah, were up 50%, the matter which revived carpentry and created new job opportunities.

It is pertinent to mention that activities of Enactus expand to around 36 countries around the world with the participation of around 450 leaders, businessmen and around 1650 students from different universities around the world, who judge student projects. Since its first launch, the Enactus Foundation has witnessed around 6700 innovative social projects that were set and planned by about 66,500 students. Voluntary work hours since the foundation was launched reached 7,400,000 hours.

The prestigious Enactus World Cup is also organized at the end of each year. This year, Beijing is to host the international competition next October. The national competitions were held in 36 countries around the world during the period from March to July 2014; a team from each country won the national competition and would represent its country during the international competition.

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