ExxonMobil Egypt: Main Academic Sponsor for MECA, for the Third Consecutive Year

CAIRO — Striving to increase community investment in education and development, ExxonMobil Egypt, the primary academic sponsor for MECA for three years in a row, celebrated the launch of the 2014 season with MECA Academy students.
  • ExxonMobil Egypt continues its partnership with MECA and sponsors theAcademy for third consecutive year
  • ExxonMobil Egypt celebrates with MECA students the new 2014 season launch

The event took place in the presence of Ms. Nihad Shelbaya, Public and Government Affairs Manager at ExxonMobil Egypt, and a number of ExxonMobil Egypt employees as well as students of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University. Shelbaya confirmed the keenness of ExxonMobil Egypt to continue to support MECA, saying: “Today, we celebrate three years of successful experience with the distinguished students of MECA, whose abilities and aspirations to build a better future are something we strongly believe it. We also assure them that we will continue to support this creative initiative and wish them success in their careers.”

She added: “Before being the main academic sponsor for the third consecutive year, ExxonMobil Egypt has contributed to MECA Academy for a number of years. This creative collaboration that has proven to be successful as the company’s engagement in this initiative relies mostly on volunteerism from ExxonMobil Egypt management. They have generously delivered lectures and training with the aim of introducing students to practical experiences, which they probably would have only have obtained after graduation. Additionally, the company offers financial support to the academy.”

It should be noted that the activities of MECA began in 2005. MECA, which stand for Mechanical, Engineering, Construction, Architecture, was the venture of eight students from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, to train engineering students on the operating methods of international companies. The MECA Academy was founded in 2007.

In that first year, four tracks were addressed: Marketing, Development, Human Resources and International Relations. The objective of the academy is to train participants on one of the training tracks offered, in addition to developing their skills. Participants compete in teams to evaluate the extent of benefit acquired from the training. Eventually, the winning teams are selected and awarded prizes.

During the 2014 season opening ceremony, a documentary retracing the cooperation between ExxonMobil Egypt and MECA Academy was shared. The training schedule for the 2014 season was announced, along with the activities and lectures organized and provided by the ExxonMobil Egypt volunteers. This year, 26 ExxonMobil Egypt volunteers will deliver lectures and training in six modules: Supply Chain, Planning, Operations Management, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service, and Human Resources, in addition to the development of personal skills.

The ceremony ended with ExxonMobil Egypt volunteers and MECA students both looking forward to a more effective participation to achieve the initiative’s desired results, reaching the utmost goal of providing skilled expertise to the labor market.

About ExxonMobil Egypt (S.A.E.)

ExxonMobil Egypt is a pace setter in providing quality lubricants and fuels and an extensive network of convenience retail shops. We offer more than 350 Mobil and Esso service stations, more than 20 Mobil 1 centers and more than 25 convenience stores "On the Run". Supported by our two lubricant blending plants in Alexandria and 10th of Ramadan City, we also provide a variety of industrial products, lubrication programs and services, in Egypt and in more than 25 countries in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Far East.

ExxonMobil Egypt builds on a rich history that started more than 100 years ago when the Vacuum Oil Company (Mobil’s predecessor) was registered in Egypt.

ExxonMobil Egypt is committed to making a continuous contribution towards education, development and women initiatives, serving diverse segments and categories in the Egyptian community.