As a Gold Sponsor, ExxonMobil Egypt participates with Nile University in its creative Nile Pioneers Competition "NU 100"

CAIRO — ExxonMobil Egypt, the leading fuels marketer and manufacturer of synthetic oils, announced its participation in Nile University’s Nile Pioneers Competition "NU 100". The initiative launched in March 2013 is designed to unveil outstanding minds and creative ideas of young people in all Egypt’s governorates.

“NU 100” provides an opportunity for 400 young people with innovative ideas to develop their personal skills and receive training on entrepreneurship

ExxonMobil Egypt is keen to support this competition, which combines scientific research with innovation

This competition aims to provide an opportunity for 400 young men and women, who have innovative and distinguished ideas, to develop their personal skills, receive training in the management to help them kick-start their own projects, as well as offer them exchange of opportunities. Moreover, the winning teams receive funding to start-up their companies.

Earlier this summer, the 400 participants have completed their training in ten locations across Egypt; they have submitted a presentation with their ideas to a panel of judges from different specializations, and the top 100 were selected to continue with their second phase in training.

Currently during the second training phase held simultaneously in Cairo and Assiut, 29 teams having successfully completed it are in the process of the prototype development and business plan. It is worth mentioning that among these teams, 7 have female leaders and 20 have one or more female members.

Mr. Hesham Elamroussy, Chairman of ExxonMobil Egypt, commended the competition, which will help young people to move forward in fulfilling their dreams and planning their future.

"The principles upon which this competition is held are the same principles that we believe in ExxonMobil Egypt: An interest directed towards education and development,” Mr. Elamroussy noted. “This competition is a good example of community initiatives that provide a helping hand to young future entrepreneurs and leaders and promise assistance with knowledge and financial support for them to plan their future and achieve their aspirations. After acquiring the required entrepreneurship knowhow, the winning teams will receive financial support, which will enable them to start-up their companies on the basis of solid knowledge.”

Since ExxonMobil Egypt has focused its community investment activities on development initiatives in education and capacity building. Elamroussy says that ExxonMobil Egypt takes pride in its support of the NU100.

"We are honored to be the Gold Sponsor in this distinguished competition, since ExxonMobil Egypt is keen to promote the entrepreneurship for ecosystem in Egypt. This competition brings together scientific research and creativity on one hand and on the other, entrepreneurship and company creation. Moreover, it extends that momentum to governorates outside of Cairo and other major cities, which presents a great opportunity for youth in distant Egyptian cities. Another edge to this initiative is the focus on gender opportunities, whereby ExxonMobil Egypt will be offering the award for women entrepreneurship, amounting to $15,000."

It should be noted that the first activities of the competition have already started in August last year, where the ambassadors of "NU 100" began an awareness campaign in six governorates: El-Gharbiya, El-Dakahliya, El-Sharkiya, Port Said, Aswan and Assiut as well as in greater Cairo areas, powered by the information and communications technology branch of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce. The campaigns are in the form of sessions to highlight the expectations from participants.

The awareness sessions have resulted in positive reactions from staff members, students and professionals alike. Student representatives from various universities also attended the introductory sessions at NU to become ambassadors for the competition in their own universities.

Currently, the 29 teams are being mentored by the competition trainers in order to complete the prototype and the business plan.

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