Education Minister honors ExxonMobil Egypt in Injaz’s Adopt a School program ceremony

CAIRO — Egyptian Minister of Education, Mahmoud Abul Nasr, has honored ExxonMobil Egypt for its support and sponsorship for the Egyptian “Adopt a School” initiative in collaboration with Injaz Egypt in the presence of Ms. Nihad Shelbaya, Public and Government Affairs Manager at ExxonMobil Egypt, Ms. Dina El-Mofty, Director of Injaz Egypt and Ms. Dahlia Helaly, Injaz Egypt Deputy Director.
  • Education Minister honors ExxonMobil Egypt for its participation in Adopt a School initiative with Injaz Egypt
  • Volunteering is in the culture of ExxonMobil Egypt

In her remarks, Ms. Shelbaya thanked the minister and the gentlemen in charge of the initiative from Injaz Egypt and ExxonMobil Egypt’s team of volunteers. “Because education is the key catalyst for the development of societies, and because it is what raises the value of our youth and helps them build a better future, ExxonMobil Egypt has been keen to take part at many community development initiatives related to education; that is why we took part at this initiative that aimed to raise the capacity of teachers and students at the Etihad School in Imbaba and Al-Mex School in Alexandria, to provide a stimulating environment for education to help shape generations qualified to build a better future,” Ms. Shelbaya said. “The participation of the private sector in the development of communities in which it operates, became a duty for companies, and ExxonMobil Egypt believes in this mission; it does not only provide financial support but also has a wonderful team of volunteers who trained students and transferred their practical experiences to them through a set of courses and workshops in collaboration with Injaz Egypt,” She added.

Ms. Shelbaya also pointed out to ExxonMobil Egypt’s track record of community initiatives that are related to education, for instance: Ishraq and Ishraq Plus initiatives to provide education for females who dropout from schools in rural areas in Upper Egypt in collaboration with the National Council for Youth and the Save the Children; the renovation of Maadi Secondary Boys School in collaboration with New Maadi Rotary Club; the Professional Educator Diploma that aims at developing educational skills and the quality of education; providing financial support to fully furnish the Dar El-Salam Preparatory School in Sohag; in addition to applying the STEM program in collaboration with Misr al-Kheir in the Suez Advanced Technical Industrial School and establishing a petrochemical department for advanced students. “Despite the diversity of ExxonMobil Egypt’s community initiatives in fields of health, education and development, we take pride in what we provided in the education field, whether by renovating and developing schools, qualifying and training teachers or holding lectures for students, and we look forward to provide more financial and voluntary support,” Ms. Shelbaya stressed.

It is pertinent to mention that renovation works at the Etihad School included the renovation of eight classrooms, including furniture, painting the schoolyard, providing the school with a number of seats and improving the education process for students in the fields of economics, vocational training and other skills.

In Al-Mex School, the company upgraded the computer lab and equipped it with the latest devices and equipment that contribute in developing the educational services provided to students. Training courses were provided to teachers and workshops focused on developing the human skills of students and raising their awareness on how to deal with their surrounding environment, in addition to introducing them to the concept of entrepreneurship and its importance in building their careers.

ExxonMobil Egypt also contributed to awareness sessions for parents with the aim to increase their understanding of their children issues in this age and how to stimulate and encourage them to adopt positive positions in their lives.

Worth mentioning that the “Adopt a School” program is a national initiative that was launched by Injaz Egypt with the aim to provide economic opportunities for youths, develop their individual skills and enrich students’ concept of economic practices. The program also focuses on the importance of the role played by the private sector as a strategic partner for the success of the initiative.

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