Sponsored by ExxonMobil Egypt, Enactus annual student training begins

CAIRO — Motivated by its belief in investing in people and building their skills and capacity, ExxonMobil Egypt, the leading oil manufacturer and marketer, continues sponsoring the Enactus Egypt Annual Training for the sixth year in a row.
  • ExxonMobil Egypt supports the training of 600 Enactus students from 40 public and private universities nationwide
  • Hosted by the British University in Egypt, 2015 Annual Student Training begins
  • ExxonMobil Egypt believes in investing in people and building their skills and capacity

The training was hosted by the British University in Egypt with the participation of 600 students from 40 public and private universities, in addition to faculty advisors. Trainers focused on developing students in areas such as project management, human resources and communication skills in preparation for the 2015 national competition.

This year's Annual Student Training is allowing students to engage in workshops boosting interaction and experience exchange among participants. The two-day workshops tackled a number of topics like creativity and entrepreneurship, in addition to training 80 students (2 from each 40 teams) on human development programs. On the third day, all teams convened for a group training on the best presentation methods to adopt at the national competition, with effective tips to highlight the projects’ strengths, such as meeting community needs.

Ms. Nihad Shelbaya, Public and Government Affairs Managers at ExxonMobil Egypt, said:" ExxonMobil Egypt believes in investing in people and improving their skills to help them discover their untapped potential and creative abilities. In our continuous support for Enactus Egypt, we are keen on offering fair and equal opportunities to all Enactus teams to help them in the national competition, qualifying them for the Enactus World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa".

Ms. Shelbaya added: "This year, we sought to make some constructive additions to the Annual Student Training in a way that would maximize benefits such as holding interactive workshops among teams to boost skills by knowledge and training. We look forward to seeing the impactful benefit of these workshops on all participant teams". Ms. Shelbaya added:" ExxonMobil Egypt selected Kafr El-Sheikh University team, one of Enactus Egypt's leading teams, to receive sponsored training, along with our support to the Annual Training for all universities, in an effort to give an opportunity for this team that presented a great potential last year to polish the presentation skills of its team members to qualify for Enactus World Cup. We look forward to seeing this team’s development projects serving the community."

It's noteworthy that ExxonMobil Egypt's support to Enactus Egypt aims to promote leadership, entrepreneurship and team spirit among Enactus students to meet labor market needs. It is one of the mostly widespread student activity extending to more than 40 public and private universities nationwide. ExxonMobil Egypt partnership and cooperation with Enactus Egypt is not limited to financial support to the Annual Training, but also includes a team of volunteers from ExxonMobil Egypt that participate in the judge panel of the national competition. ExxonMobil Egypt is also a member in the Business Advisory Council of Enactus Egypt.

For her part, Ms. Fatma Sirry, President of Enactus Egypt, said: "Driven by its focus on education and promoting a new generation of young leaders to take this nation forward, ExxonMobil Egypt has continued its annual partnership with Enactus Egypt for the sixth year in a row to promote free enterprise and upgrade leadership, communication skills and group work for 4,500 Egyptian students from public and private universities".

Ms. Sirry added: "University students carry out development projects throughout the academic year aiming at enabling, raising living standards of individuals. A group of Egyptian businesspeople evaluate development projects to select the university, which will represent Egypt in Enactus World Cup".

It’s noteworthy that Enactus Egypt won World Cup twice: in 2009 in Berlin and in 2010 in Los Angeles. Egypt ranked second in 2012 in Washington. ExxonMobil Egypt started sponsoring Enactus Egypt in 2010, as it is a non-governmental organization that aims at boosting education and developing professional skills of young people by placing them in a real-life experience, which bolsters their voluntary work and enable them to plan their future in a better way and consequently contributing to develop society as a whole.

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