ExxonMobil celebrates 150 years of lubricant innovation

CAIRO — ExxonMobil, the world’s largest synthetic lubricants company, celebrated 150 years of lubricant innovation today. The two day celebration included a number of industry figures, plant owners, businessmen and public figures, as well as a number of ExxonMobil management staff led by Eng. Hesham El Amroussy, Chairman and Managing Director of ExxonMobil Egypt.
  • Eng. Hesham El Amroussy: “We are proud to be our clients’ favorable option and reference company for numerous sectors over the last 150 years.”
  • ExxonMobil equips its products with competitive advantages and state-of-the-art technology for our clients
  • ExxonMobil offers capacities and qualification training courses for plants
  • Company has very optimistic view of Egypt’s promising market

In his address to guests, Chairman Hesham El Amroussy said: “We celebrate 150 years of leadership in international markets. We are proud to be our clients’ favorable option and a reference company for numerous sectors over the years. ExxonMobil’s achievements are the fruit of long-term relationships with our strategic partners in the iron and steel, cement, petroleum and electricity generation fields, and with the real estate sector, top automobile manufacturers and VIP clients.”

“ExxonMobil has managed to equip its products with competitive advantages that meet all users’ needs, and to offer state-of-the-art technology through leading lubrication systems which help minimize operational costs through optimized energy efficiency, extended equipment life, and mitigates potential safety risks,” Eng. El Amroussy continued, highlighting the principle that ExxonMobil puts sustainability in motion by unleashing efficiency and productivity.

Eng. El Amroussy emphasized that ExxonMobil is greatly interested in technology. “The company has a skilled, professional technology development team that spares no effort to continue searching and developing the sector. Consequently, we offer lubrication solutions capable of meeting the requirements of both industry and vehicle drivers, while maintaining safety, security and environmental care standards.” He explained.

In line with its industry sector development strategy, ExxonMobil offers capacity and qualification training courses in its plants in addition to its top-productivity, low-cost lubrication solutions.

Eng. El Amroussy has shared his optimistic vision of the Egyptian economy, saying, “We always consider Egypt as a promising market, and we praise the bold economic decisions that will bear fruit for Egypt. We also reiterate that we will continue to support the economy, boost the manufacturing barometer, and participate in national projects that benefit Egyptians.” 

Since 1992, ExxonMobil has had a history of energy leadership. The company is a leader in the field of oil derivatives, such as high-quality fuel and lubricants, offering its clients a wide range of integrated, improved solutions that achieve the highest production rates, save energy, and maintain equipment.

ExxonMobil Egypt is making extensive efforts to support Egypt’s national mega-projects, including power generation station expansions, and the new Suez Canal Project. As a key partner in Egypt’s economy-boosting projects, the company has joined forces with top equipment manufacturers to face operational challenges by offering equipment lubrication systems that lead to the support of ambitious growth plans.

ExxonMobil has devoted the enormous production capacities of its two oil manufacturing and packaging plants in 10th of Ramadan and Alexandria, as well as specialized engineering sponsorships that offer state-of-the-art lubrication techniques. Subsequently, they helped carry out these projects in record time while also maintaining low-maintenance frequency, minimum downtime, and waste. This was manifested by boosting production and supporting economic growth with dozens of millions of pounds annually.

Ms. Salwa Helal, ‎Chief Procurement Officer at the Egyptian Drilling Company (EDC), said: “Our partnership with ExxonMobil Egypt exceeds 25 years of fruitful cooperation. ExxonMobil products are of high quality and competitive prices, and the company is experienced in the Egyptian market”.

“In line with its strategy, which prioritizes clients, ExxonMobil Egypt thoroughly selects its professional, skillful agents. The company runs its operations at high performance and quality, and delivers products across Egypt in record time, securing operational efficiency and continuity,” she added. 

Ms. Helal highlighted that safety and security are top priorities for both EDC and ExxonMobil Egypt, who are very keen on conforming with the highest safety standards and security rules.

ExxonMobil Egypt is a giant oil products manufacturing and marketing in the Egyptian market. The company has been, and always will be in the lead of advanced lubrication solution providers that play a pivotal role in promoting the Egyptian economy.